How do I access the community? How does it work?

I like to share content with you, my followers, but sometimes I feel like I need to go one step further.  It is because of them that I have created my first NFT collection. It consists of 2,000 collectibles that live on the Polygon blockchain as ERC-1155 tokens.

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I will be uploading tutorial videos explaining all these concepts.

The important thing is that when you have a NFT from my collection you will be able to:

  • Access restricted areas of the website
  • Access brand promotions
  • Access different events
  • etc, etc, etc….
And this both in the real world and in the virtual world or METAVERSE. I want you to have access to fantastic benefits just for being part of my community.

I created the Tribalbi community to share my meal plans, workouts, hobbies, modeling jobs and other lifestyle information. With this collection of NFT’s I want to have a closer relationship with you, my followers: participation in events, access to special content, privileges, discounts …. Join my community!

Composition of the collection:
Martina in 4 versions

Beauty 26%
Posh 26%
Sporty 24%
Casual 24%


  • Release date: 16/11/2022
  • Total number of tokens: 2.000
  • Tokens retained for marketing activities: 200
  • Price per token: 15 MATIC
  • Token type: ERC-1155
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Copyright: 5%
  • Number of traits: 5
  • Number of attributes: 46
  • Smart contract: https://polygonscan.com/address/0xfd4e3841256575237225385f71726f40662ccbb2


Buying for 10 € the BREAKFAST PLAN we GIVE you a FREE NFT, or for the more advanced in the subject, you can go directly to OPENSEA and buy one of the four NFT with property MEAL PLAN: BREAKFAST PLAN included in the collection Martina Canales - TRIBALBI - Collection 1, consisting of 2,000 NFT's, in Opensea.

BREAKFAST PLAN, first content of the NFT zone!

For the purchase of the breakfast planWE GIVE YOU THE NFT that will give you access to the private area of our COMMUNITY.

You will have access to premium content that no one else will see, promotions and benefits that I will be developing and negotiating for you.

30 vegan, healthy and easy breakfast ideas

Cool Breakfasts

Check it out in our private section! Restricted to members of our community.

Access only via NFT, for the purchase of the breakfast plan we GIVE you a FREE NFT to access the private area.


Yes, when you buy the breakfast plan in TRIBALBI we give you a NFT with which you can enter the private area and you can see all the contents that will be uploaded here.

If you are already an advanced user of NFTs, you can go directly to Opensea and choose one of the four NFTs from the breakfast plan you like the most.

In addition, if you want to collect my NFT’s, the complete collection consists of 2,000 NFT.

Because I am a big fan of decentralized technologies. In TRIBALBI we do not want to have your data and passwords. In addition, with the NFT you will be able to access other services such as metaverse, third party events, both physical and virtual, discounts, etc. without depending on TRIBALBI.

Prior to the purchase of the NFT you will have to download the METAMASK application on your phone and/or computer, it will give you an address (like a current account number), this number you will have to put in the form when you buy the breakfast plan so that TRIBALBI can send you the NFT. See this  METAMASK installation and operation tutorial for both PC and cell phone.

For any questions you can contact TRIBALBI whenever you feel necessary through our contact form.