What is Metamask?

Metamask is a secure and versatile wallet that works on both PC and mobile devices and can be synchronized between them. It is like having a bank account with an associated number, where all assets are deposited, whether they are cryptocurrencies or NFT. It also allows you to send money between different wallets.

Install Metamask on a PC

The browsers compatible with metamask are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Brave
  • Edge

To install the metamask extension, go to the official metamask website and click on “Download”.

metamask sitio web oficial

Depending on your browser, Metamask will show the download option for it. In this tutorial we will show the example for Chrome, but it is the same for other browsers.

Click Install Metamask for Chrome

instalar metamask para google chrome

The next screen that the browser displays is the Google Chrome web store screen to add the extension.

metamask chrome store

Once added, click on Start.

empezar a usar metamask

From here, you have two options:

1. Importing a previously created wallet using the secret recovery phrase

2. Create a new wallet that has its own secret phrase, THIS PHRASE MUST BE SAVED as it allows you to recover the account or import to another wallet.

crear cuenta en metamask

Create a Wallet

Click on Create a wallet. Do not worry because Metamask does not track, does not keep data, or anything like that, that is why it is so important that you save the recovery phrase, because if you lose it, you will lose everything you have in it.

Once registration is complete, it asks if you want to share information to improve their services, you say No, thank you and that’s it..

Then create a secure password, between 10 and 16 characters of numbers and letters. Keep it also in a safe place.

Next, the secret recovery phrase is created. This phrase is used in case the password is lost, so it is important to keep it safe.

Click on “Click here to reveal the secret words”.

frase secreta metamask

Save it!

confirmar frase secreta metamask

It is ready for use!

Metamask configurado correctamente

MetaMask correctamente configurado

Add Polygon Matic network to Metamask

This network is used by TRIBALBI for its NFT.

  1. Open metamask (toolbar icon) and click on your account symbol, then click on the Settings cogwheel..

  2. Select the Networks option and click on the Matic Mainnet network.

  3. Fill in the “New RPC URL” field and add any of the following list of url addresses and fill in the rest of the fields, as shown in the picture below:
    https://matic-mainnet-full-rpc.bwarelabs.comdireccion url matic rpc metamask

  4. Save and that’s it!

Install Metamask on iPhone or Android

First you must download the Metamask application on Android or iPhone. As an example we will use ara iPhone, but it is the same for Android.

Go to the app store and search for Metamask, install.

Once downloaded, open the application and click “Start”.

The next step is to “Create a wallet”. If you already have one, select the “Import wallet” option.

If you already have a wallet, because it has been installed on your computer as well, you can select this option to integrate your existing wallet into the mobile application.

The next screen asks if you want to accept the Metamask user agreement, either option is correct.

The next step is to create a password for the wallet. You must accept the Terms of Use. If you use a FaceID you can also enable this option..

The secret recovery phrase is now accessed and should be stored in a safe place.

Click on “View”. type the secret recovery phrase.

After typing the Secret Recovery Phrase, tap the words in the order in which they appeared and press “Continue”.

The wallet has been created!

Now you can interact with all kinds of dApps, buy, sell, send and receive NFT or cryptocurrencies.

In the Metamask application, the Polygon Matic network must also be configured in the same way as described above.

How to browse a web site through METAMASK

In order to use the NFT in TRIBALBI, you must enter the Metamask application and go to the menu and click on “Explorer” and there you can browse the website.