How to get an NFT to join my community

You can get one or several NFTs, there is no limit, in two ways:

1. Buying my BREAKFAST PLAN. With each purchase of a plan we gift an NFT (any one of the four listed below) to access the restricted area and thus be able to consult the breakfast plan whenever you want.

2. Going directly to Opensea and buying directly any of these four NFT’s (only these give access to the breakfast plan), the one you like the most. This second option is for advanced users, since you can pay both in cryptocurrency and credit card.


Buying for 10 € the BREAKFAST PLAN we GIVE YOU A FREE NFT, or for the more advanced in the subject, you can go directly to OPENSEA and buy one of the four types of NFT indicated above.
If you want to collect NFT you can see my first collection in Opensea.

BREAKFAST PLAN, first content of the NFT zone!

For the purchase of the breakfast plan WE GIVE YOU THE NFT that will give you access to the private area of our COMMUNITY.

You will have access to new content, promotions and benefits that I will be developing and negotiating for you.

30 vegan, healthy and easy breakfast ideas

Cool Breakfasts

Check it out in our private section! Restricted to members of our community.

Access only via NFT, for the purchase of the breakfast plan we GIVE you a FREE NFT to access the private area.